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Gregory Harrison, moral man


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The day goes by in a flash. Sitting in one of Harrison’s favorite restaurants, we launch into an inevitable subject: politics. 
“ I believe in humanity, it’s important to take care of others. Unfortunately, we dont see that with politicians. They don’t talk about morality, but about success, competition, and the fear of losing.I don’t care who wins or who loses, I care more about knowing what is moral and immoral,” he explained. “I like certain things about Canada, like in Sweden and the US, just like there are things I don’t like.” He takes Cuba as an example: a communist country with a high level of education and good health care despite the country’s political problems and poverty.

“Here [the United States] everything is corrupt, in politics and in the media...who do you believe? As a father, I worry. I would like to live in my own little bubble but when I see the world and how it will affect my children, I’m skeptical. i would like to see change but I’m doubtful. People are blinded by politicians. I remember being in a play a couple of years ago, called Top Secret: The Battle for the Pentagon Papers, which talked about Watergate and Nixon. Corruption was already there in 1972, and also in journalism, but nothing like what it’s like today. It’s worse now, and almost impossible to get the truth. I use the Internet as a research tool, I go on different sites, I read editorials from different mediums...People believe anything. We can all get up and yell “NO MORE!” but who do we put in their place? You can’t force democracy — Afgahnistan was a terrible idea and I don’t think it was necessary, same in Libya, but at the same time, I can’t stand to see someone doing that to their own people.”
“I also think that it’s our duty as citizens to help those in need,” he continued. “I don’t have to worry about if or how I’m going to feed my family, but I do worry when I see that other people can’t eat what they need to. It’s a moral issue. And when I see something, be it political or otherwise, that has no morality, it drives me crazy. But especially in political figures. I believe in morality, it’s simple.”


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