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Slow and Steady…


 - Slow and Steady…
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If you’re toying with the idea of a grand romantic gesture, it might be wise to err on the side of caution, particularly if you haven’t been an item for very long. The temptation may be to shower him with gifts, but if you’ve only known the guy a few weeks, he’ll probably think you’re a bit of a loon.

Keren Smedley says, ‘Valentine’s day can also be a dangerous time for a relationship! If it just meant “I like being with you”, it would be fine, but generally, it's meant to mean more like “I love you”. If your relationship is new, you probably haven't got to that place, so take it easy.’

So if you think something might be a little bit over the top, it almost certainly will be. Ferd Hulls agrees: ‘If you’re a new couple play it safe with a card and a little gesture - there’s nothing more embarrassing than spending a fortune on someone only to find out they can’t stand Valentine’s Day.’

That poem might have seemed sweet when you were writing it, but the naked fear in his eyes as he reads it should tell you otherwise. Trust us, unless you’re ultra-confident he’ll like what you’ve got planned, less is definitely more.


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