A man's advice on Valentine's Day
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To buy or not to buy?


 - To buy or not to buy?
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It’s a well-known fact that there is a manufacturing fault in the male brain that leads us to foolishly take what our girlfriends say at face value. So if you tell your chap that you reckon Valentine’s Day is a cynical marketing cash-in dreamed up by American card manufacturers, don’t be surprised to find yourself card-less on Sunday morning.

You might think he should have recognized his cue to order up a dozen red roses, but most of us just aren’t that sharp.

‘Me and my girlfriend agreed that Valentine’s was a bit of a waste of money last year,’ says Alex, 28 from Newcastle. ‘The next thing I know, she’s bought me a new watch and I’m in the doghouse for not getting her anything!’

‘It doesn’t matter what you do for Valentine’s Day,’ says relationship expert Keren Smedley, ‘but it does matter that you’re clear about what you want.’

Make sure you agree on exactly what you’re doing for each other, and spell it out as if you were talking to an idiot. It might not be very romantic, but at least you’ll be on the same page!


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