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 - Avoid the ordinary
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Let’s get something straight. We’re all for a bit of a kiss and a cuddle on Valentine’s Day, it’s the rest of the production that goes with it that we can do without.

As Date Doctor Ferd Hulls says, ‘There is nothing worse than couples trying to enjoy the traditional Valentine’s dinner. Not only is everyone and his dog out, but it costs a fortune too.’

It’s perfectly do-able to have a nice, romantic time without spending it with forty other couples, sitting at tables lined up like a prison visiting room.

‘If you have some single mates, get them involved,’ suggests Ferd. ‘Encourage them to send a few cards and go out for few drinks. Invite your Valentine along and have a flirty, fun-filled evening.’ The occasion becomes much less intense, and you still get an evening with your boyfriend.

‘My girlfriend organized a Valentine’s Day pub crawl for us and 20 of our friends last year,’ says Dave, 25, from London. ‘It was a really good laugh! Plus, we managed to slip off early for a bit of “alone time” before it got too messy!’


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