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Mario, 38. Journalist, London

She pretended to be someone else

I was dressed as a vampire when we met, but she still invited me back to hers one now-distant Halloween.

We just chatted and then I kissed her goodbye on the doorstep.

My invitation to the pictures was accepted - my first proper date - but the next day I waited in vain. She stood me up.

I went round - the lights were on but no reply. I rang. A woman answered and said she was house-sitting for my absent date.

I knew it was really her, and she knew that I knew. But we stupidly kept up the pretense and I asked her to 'pass on my number'.

Thankfully she continued to ignore me.
First date tip:
Sometimes, after the beer goggles have gone you'll feel differently. But that doesn't mean you should ignore us! A polite text will do fine.

Tom, 32, CTO of a technology start-up, London

My phone had no reception - honest!

The nearest I came to standing a girl up was turning up on time at the pub under London Bridge.

I found myself a seat and sat happily drinking a pint, getting gradually more curious to see if she'd turn up...

I thought about going to look for her but it was too full to risk abandoning the table.

Half an hour later I decided I'd give up only to go outside and realize my phone had had no reception and she'd left about 10 voicemails asking where the place was.

Eventually she'd given up assuming I had turned my phone off not wanting to see her after all...

After all that when we finally did meet up we didn't even get on.
First date tip:
Meet somewhere you'll get phone reception!

Nick, 30, works for a London advertising agency.

I pretended to be someone else

There were, inevitably, mitigating factors.

Since a very messy breakup as an teenager I've had an unnatural aversion to girls with short hair.

Picture the scene; a blind date at a friends party. I'm told to look out for - lets call her - "Louise".

Louise it turns out has a Winona Ryder-esque fashionable pixie hair cut and a bucketful of issues.

Cue Pavlovian repulsion.

With my true identity concealed, I ended up spending a mildly drunk two hours consoling her about the insensitivity of her absent suitor.
First date tip:
I have no excuses. And karma has never forgiven me.


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