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Ben, 31, Mobile ticketing entrepreneur.

I was guilty until proven innocent

I stood up a girl while helping a young lad back three miles over a large field with a broken leg, arrived 45 minutes late for her at an RAF base.

A perfectly valid excuse, you'd think. Alas, she assumed that I had done it deliberately to upset her.

Turns out that "guilty until proven innocent" was kind of the way she treated men and this should have been the warning sign for me to not take the relationship any further.
First date tip:
Rescuing soldiers is ALWAYS an excellent reason for being late.

Matthew, 24, Writer, Newcastle

She ditched me for a night out with mates

I had arranged to meet this girl I worked with for a drink late one night.

I arrived as agreed at around 10pm and waited for her.

She was late and her phone was going straight to voicemail.

I assumed she was getting ready or something as she was coming straight from work.

I waited around in the rain constantly redialing for her. I waited till around 11pm and just gave up to get the last bus home. I eventually found out that she decided to go out with a group of other people instead and hadn't bothered to tell me. Nice.
First date tip:
Arrange to meet somewhere inside. It was raining.

Tim, 34, web geek, London

the days of yore: pre-mobile phone dating

In the days before it was common to have a mobile phone, you arranged to meet someone at a certain location and a specified time and you just had to stick to it.

I was once naive enough to wait an hour for a girl, before going to a phone box to call her landline.

She claimed to be running late (no kidding), and did eventually turn up.

I would never wait that long now, but mobile phones make it less of a problem anyway.

I do however have a pet hate for rescheduling (aka "cancellations"). I have a two strike rule.
First date tip:
You've got a mobile phone now, you've got no excuse for not telling someone that you're 'running late'.


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