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Yep spanking isn’t something to be sniffed at, a soft but swift spank to your behind can be all sorts of hotness that you haven’t yet experienced.

Tracey says it’s best not just to start spanking like there’s no tomorrow, you’ve got to prep your particulars before any of that happens.
“You (or he) cup your hand slightly, keep fingers together and spank in a slightly upward motion. Massage the area that’s just been spanked for a few seconds afterward. Spanking and tie-up go together like peaches and cream: an exquisite combination.”
Now if you’re a little nervous about your bum being center of attention don’t worry, the bigger it is the better - having a bootay is always a bonus!
“The more fat and/or muscle the body part has the harder stroke it can take. Since the idea of playful spanking is to cause ‘pleasant’ pain but no damage, those big fleshy, gorgeous orbs known as the buttocks are perfect,” says Tracey.
Plus there’s plenty of ways you can expand on this little fantasy if you want to take it further!
“If you both enjoy it, invest in a rubber whip. They look fierce but are incredibly soft. Riding crops make a sinister swish and slapping sound which adds to fantasy scenarios but are good for light or heavy strokes,” says Tracey.
If you want to spank like a pro then check out our full-throttle spanking tips and let your kinky side run free!

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