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Tie Me Up Tie Me Down
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Tie Me Up Tie Me Down

Everyone seems to have gone a bit bondage mad, so if this is your greatest fantasy then get ready for some sexual action.

The thing with bondage is that it can be as hardcore or softcore as you like - no-one's going to force you into anything, well they are, but with your consent!
Tracey says if you want then maybe start with the sensual basics. "B & D is a tamer version of S & M - less gimp masks and studded collars, more high heels, sexy lingerie and a pair of old stockings. Lots of us have been tied up to the odd four poster in our time - and most like it.”
There’s a reason why bondage is so sexy too you know, there’s science behind the sex here. “Being tied up appeals because it increases the suspense of sexual pleasure: you can’t control when someone touches, teases, licks or penetrates you and are ‘forced’ to give in (handily removing any sexual guilt),” says Tracey.
Playing with power in the bedroom can be extremely arousing so if you’re normally the one who just kind of lays there, get up and get down to it.
“If you’re in the power position, you get the enormous kick of having someone completely at your sexual mercy - it’s spectacularly politically incorrect, which is why we love it so much!” explains Tracey.

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