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Total Control
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Total Control

Often gender stereotypes can take over, whereby the man is largely in control of what happens during sex, similar to a man leading whilst doing a waltz. 

Don’t let this happen! If the man is always in control, he will invariably run out of ideas or get lazy, leading to predictable, run of the mill sex. 

Furthermore, if you’re not jumping all over him how will he know you’re still excited to be with him? 
Try telling him that you want to take control and, for the evening, he is nothing more than your plaything. He will be your toy and as you command his every move, he must obey. 

To begin with, make sure you are the one having sex with him, and as you tire (which you will!), start ordering him to do the things you want done to you. 

Be very vocal about what you are enjoying. He will get off on the newfound power you have, as well as watching you go crazy for the things he is being made to do to you. 

At the end, tell him he can do whatever he wants to do to you, and watch him as if he’s a kid in a candy shop. HOT.

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