Your dominant sense

Your dominant sense is FEELING


 - Your dominant sense is FEELING
You need to feel or touch the things and the people who form part of your life. Your body helps you 'see' the world, because you feel before you think. 

Your characteristics

> sensitivity: you can walk into a room and sense an atmosphere straight away, and you get a sense and a feel for people's moods and personalities very quickly.

> naturalness: you're relaxed when the atmosphere is relaxed, but a bad atmosphere can affect you a lot. You don't hide your feelings and reactions. 

> vivacity: you react to the slightest thing, and you act on your emotions. Your subconscious is stronger than your conscious, and it sends signals your brain has to de-code!

What about your other senses?

Carry on trusting your intuition, but be careful of using instinct for everything: don't trust your intuition alone... 

> sight: use your eyes to help you de-code what your feelings are telling you!

> sound: you know how to listen to your reaction and intuition, so why not listen to other people more? Especially if they're telling you to stop! Open your ears and you'll discover much more.



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