Your dominant sense

Your dominant sense is SOUND

Your dominant sense is SOUND

Nothing escapes your ears! You have a sharp sense of hearing, and you use it to transmit important information to your brain. You can get a sense of someone's personality just through the tone of their voice, and you can detect a lie, a hint of stress or anxiety in a flash. Your ears don't miss a thing!

Your characteristics 

> listening: you're in tune with other people and their feelings, and you listen well. you even manage to see hidden intentions and messages behind people's words and you know and recognize people's moods very well. 

> humility: you have a natural ability to reflect and take stock before you act, to the benefit of those around you. You also know how to put things into perspective!

> objectivity: you don't need other people's approval before you'll take the plunge, but you're sensible with it. You take what you need from others, you run your plans through your head and you proceed exactly as you should! This gives you a certain amount of independance.

What about your other senses?

Open up to your other senses as well and you'll be in better harmony with the world and people around you.

> sight: maybe your little world inside your head is enough for you, but you shouldn't close your mind to other senses. Free your eyes and make the most of your vision!

> feel: are you reprimanded for being uncommunicative sometimes? You need to be more demonstrative. Try being a bit more natural, and listen to your intuition too.



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