What sort of mother will you be?

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For you, being a mum is about being capable. Capable of everything! You think of life as a marathon where you need to succeed at everything. Most of all motherhood.

You're scared ot taking off your three cornered hat: wife, working-girl, and mum. People call you Super Woman and you hope that your child will be the same.

To speed up the process you don't hesitate to slip three supplements into your baby's bottle: eficiency, independance, and maturity!
Your strong points: You are very organized, determined, and strong and you manage everything with an experienced hand.
Careful! You're close to overdoing it. You can't control everything. Some things will always be beyond your grasp...like time.

You don't always find enough time to be with your children, who need your attention.

To work on: "Learn to respect your child's pace, because if you can make him/her anxious if you go too fast" recommends Dr. Goupil-Rousseau. Let them express themself and learn to live in the moment!

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