Mysterious, intelligent and distant: how to seduce like Vanessa Paradis

Mysterious, intelligent and distant: how to seduce like Vanessa Paradis
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Like Johnny Depp's lady Vanessa Paradis, you're a discreet, reserved, silent type. People ask themselves what's behind your mysterious exterior...and you love it! You communicare more by looks and hints than by clear declarations - you prefer to keep people guessing! You're the epitome of the mysterious female and you lead men by the nose. They project all their fantasies onto you.

Pay attention...
All eyes are always on you, which is great, but once a relationship is established and going places, you lose the upper hand. You're subtle and intelligent, but you're not always what people imagine you to be, so you can disappoint with your mysterious approach. In company, you can come across as haughty and cold when really you're just discreet and reserved.

Advice for you
Come out of your shell and break the ice! This doesn't mean approaching the first person you meet with a tap on the shoulder: it means learning to reveal yourself a bit more. So stop shying away from personal questions and answer them with more than a simple yes or no. And if you find it really difficult to talk about yourself, at least show some interest in other people so that they see you're not as inaccessible as all that.



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