Beautiful, sexy and seductive like Beyonce

Beautiful, sexy and seductive like Beyonce
Beyonce Knowles © Versace

Like the sexy singer, you make the most of your feminine charms.
Whatever your assets are (a sexy décolleté, back or shoulders), you know how to show them off! You really enjoy girlie seduction and you take your time when moving in on a target.
Your hair, make-up and clothes are always impeccable and you never step outside your front door unless you look the bees' knees. Not necessarily to please others, but because you like to look desirable. And it works, on men at least. Men adore you, but  women can sometimes see you as a threat or even a rival.   

You can sometimes go over the top. "Women who make lots of effort with their appearance have a very fixed image and can't stand it when they don't have everything they need to look perfect," warns our pyschoanalyst. Your stunning physique can also work against you sometimes, especially at work: people could see you as sexy and attractive whereas you'd rather be known for being competent at what you do.

Advice for you 
Use your undenied sex appeal on one man only! You can use it wisely to get a few favors here and there, but don't use it all the time. Choose your moments wisely and ask yourself what you want people to think of you before you flutter your eyelashes. Learn to see the beauty in more natural women, spend more time with natural people in non-seductive situations (doing exercise or having a quiet pub lunch, for example) to give yourself a break!



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