Need to see a psychic, addicted to somebody, behaviour and vicious circle

Need to see a psychic, addicted to somebody, behaviour and vicious circle

Hazel, 33, company director 

It started 2 or 3 years ago. One of my friends went to see a psychic and told me: "You should go see her, she's amazing". I went along because things weren't going well for me. I found her friendly, she lifted my spirits, and so I went back.

Then I went to see a different one because my situation wasn't changing. I saw the same one for a month and then I changed. I saw many different ones and I'd go at least once a month, or sometimes even once a week. At £80 a session, it wasn't cheap!
But it was a vicious circle. I'd be feeling low so I'd make an appointment. During the session, I was euphoric and I'd leave on a high. I was told what I needed to hear.
I went through a period of doubt with my job and the psychics all told me that it would sort itself out. But in bed at night or when I got up the next day, I felt really low again. I told myself that I was being childish and idiotic for placing so much importance on it.

In fact, I was more in need of a psychiatrist or life coach. When I thought about it, I told myself that it wasn't going to sort out my problems. I feel better at the moment because things are getting better at work. I've promised myself not to go back to a psychic for the time being. For the last few months, I've been trying to detox and get it out of my system and I'm managing alright. I'm not saying that I'll never go back, but just once or twice a year, no more.


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