Sensible, restrained, not addicted

Sensible, restrained, not addicted

If you had a motto, it would probably be similar to Robert De Niro's quote: "Don't let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat."
Sensible and balanced, you know how to manage your emotions quite well.
If you're dealt a blow, you need support like everyone, but you don't just turn to anyone and expect support.

You're in control of your emotions and you hold the keys to your own happiness. Even if you've got habits and passions, you don't have an addictive personality. You know how to make the most of life without needing to rely on people or material things. For you, daily pleasures are simply that: pleasures, and they ought to stay that way.
You're independent and you have simple, healthy ways of make yourself feel better. You don't really like outbursts and losing self-control, and you hate situations that are beyond your control. You're a free spirit and you're at ease with yourself.

Our advice: Carry on as you are and don't be afraid to let yourself go from time to time - the occasional excess won't do you any harm.



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