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Lauren Goodger


Lauren Goodger © Rex - Lauren Goodger
Lauren Goodger © Rex
You're Lauren Goodger

Whatever! You’re a strong minded girl with a weakness for bad boys. Or at least boys who are bad for you.

You hold your own in every other situation in your life but when it comes to your fella you turn into a human doormat.

You try your best to assert yourself but ruin it by running back to the offending idiot time and time again – you like to think this means you’re the one in control but any one on the outside can see the opposite is probably true.

You’re clever, business savvy and straight talking. You take a lot of pride in your appearance and like to look reem for you own sake - not because anyone else thinks you should.

Women don’t really take to you but you couldn’t care less. You’ve got all the support you need from your family.

You like to keep you friends close and keep your enemies, i.e. all the women who’ve slept with you man, as far away as possible.

You know that you can be jealous and possessive but you can’t help it. You’ve got a big heart and you’re taking a chance on love. And that’s the end of it. It’s over when you say it’s over.


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