What kind of lover is he?

Profile: independent lover


 - Profile: independent lover
His attitude
Your man is crazy about you but he's keen on his freedom too.

He's independent through and through and he's fully aware that there are three entities in a couple: us, you and me.

But you love him for his enthusiastic, live-for-the-minute attitude, even though you sometimes struggle to keep up with him.

You were attracted to his lively character from the very start. You need a man with a strong personality who's a free spirit and a romantic.

But he sometimes gives the impression that he's living the single life, without necessarily caring for your wants and desires.

He likes to keep it casual so he can still have his alone time and lad's nights out. You left a toothbrush at his once but he politely brought it back along with the hairbrush and spare knickers you "accidentally" left too.

In the long run, this can be a touch frustrating so make sure that his personal desires don't impinge on your relationship.

Expert's advice
You should explain to him that it's difficult to be in a relationship and still maintain the bachelor way of thinking and acting.

You can of course be independent, just as long as the other person isn't negatively affected by it.

Being in a relationship involves caring for each other and not only thinking about your own personal satisfaction. Food for thought, perhaps...

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