Quiz: what kind of cleaning control freak are you?

Quiz profile: you're a furtive control freak


 - Quiz profile: you're a furtive control freak
The most important thing for you is not to be seen as a control freak.

Nobody must know that you sometimes get up in the night to clean up the drop of honey you saw fall on to the carpet earlier that day.

Your fear of other people finding out is stronger than your obsession.

When everyone else heads off for a nap, your quest begins as, with the dexterity of a surgeon and the stealth of a burglar, you tidy and sort what other people have unconsciously taken the liberty of moving.

You are the masked keeper-of-order, saving the poor abandoned shoe in the middle of the lounge. Your cause is noble and you don't even take any credit!

For your own wellbeing:
 Try telling yourself that the shoe isn't doing anyone any harm where it is, that the drop of honey can wait for another day and if you really can't manage that, clean it up when everyone is there. Don't be ashamed of your need to clean - if others see that it bothers you maybe they'll make more effort to be tidier? Well, we can dream can't we? 



Profiles: The furtive control freak
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