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Make him laugh
The joy of being able to see each other as you’re chatting means you can use humor, irony and innuendo without fear of it being misinterpreted - which often happens with text or email. It’s impossible to take something the wrong way if you can see it’s delivered with a big, cheeky grin!

Watch your body language
Don’t slouch - you’ll look lazy and uninterested - and if you’re nervous, watch what you’re doing with your hands. Also be careful about camera angles. Try out your webcam with a trusted friend first, getting them to check it’s in a flattering position. Practice tilting your chin down and lifting it up, getting them to tell you which is most becoming.

Don’t cross your arms
Before you jump in with a (defensive) ‘It’s comfortable, that’s all’, let me agree with you. But while some people do in fact cross their arms for comfort, just about all of us adopt this position when we feel defensive, protective, angry, threatened or plain scared. It sends negative signals, so don’t chance it. While we’re on the subject, if you’re female and body conscious, resist the urge to hug a pillow. It’ll make you look both childish and insecure.

Write down a few ideas of what to talk about before you chat
Funny things which have happened that day, something interesting you heard on the news…If you get suddenly tongue-tied, a quick glance at the list saves you from awkward silences. Keep conversations reasonably light-hearted at the start - it’s fine to go deeper later but ideally you’d save serious topics for when you meet up.



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