What does 2011 hold for you?

2011: a year for reflection and self-analysis


 - 2011: a year for reflection and self-analysis

Your mood
Where am I going? Why am I here? Who am I? 2011 is going to be a year to take stock and ask yourself searching questions about life, your quest for happiness, what it is to be human, truth and morals.
Yep, it’s heavy stuff! You’re going to search for the meaning of your life, get to know yourself better and get to the bottom of the things that matter to you.  

It's like your 15 all over again! But hopefully without the same level of angst.

What's in store?
You’ll go back to grass roots this year.

Stop letting things that don’t matter wear you down: instead of getting annoyed about your other half's allergy to housework, remember what it is you love about him and why you're together. 

Close relationships and friendships are going to be crucially important this year, so spring clean your Facebook contacts and spend your time with your loved ones, sharing, talking and thinking.

You have to be at one with yourself to understand and resolve what has happened in your past.

Points to bear in mind
Don’t repeat the same mistakes. "If you’re not getting anywhere and you feel as if you’re repeating the same mistakes over again, don’t think twice about going to see a therapist,” says our expert.

But don’t get reflection mixed up with depression. "A reflective period is a length of time spent alone with your thoughts, to help you become at one with yourself and then set off on a different path.”

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