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Find Out Why This Dog Is Student Of The Year

Carla Cain Walther
by Carla Cain Walther Published on June 6, 2014

Dogs are more than friendly, loyal companions. They also keep a watchful eye over us and often save our lives too! Rachel Benke knows this better than anyone. The seventh-grader has suffered from epileptic seizures since she was born. Not knowing when or where the seizures will strike, Rachel needs constant supervision, and she gets it in the form of a furry pal.

At six-years-old ​Rachel had two major brain surgeries to improve her condition, but her mother, Theresa, still felt that Rachel needed someone to look after her during the school day.

​Entire Taxi, a half Golden retriever, half Labrador service dog who immediately attached to Rachel despite her initial fear of animals.


Taxi hasn't left Rachel's side since they met, which means he's been going to school every day for the past four years! But he doesn't have to do any homework or take any tests. Lucky dog...

​Theresa questioned why Taxi wasn't in the yearbook and the yearbook committee apparently thought the same thing because Taxi's picture showed up next to his adoring owner. He's pretty handsome, right?

What a dog!

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