Many hang-ups, self-destructive, lack of confidence

Many hang-ups, self-destructive, lack of confidence

Your main character traits
You run from everything! You genuinely believe you were at the back of the queue when the talent genes were handed out: from head to toe, from brain to bust, and from your job to your sex life, you always rate yourself below everyone else.
you sometimes manage to cover it up with humor but this is a step on the road to self-destruction. It might make your friends laugh sometimes but they'll end up tiring of it.

Watch out for...
Repeating "I'm useless" at every opportunity doesn't make you endearing or likable; it's just annoying. If you're older than 4, other people aren't going to come to your aid, support you or give you their shoulder to lean on all the time -  they've got better things to do. You'll only end up lonely and feeling even more useless, so stop it!

Our advice
Listen to your friends! If they like you, it's for a reason, right? Stop saying negative things about yourself and list all the things you've succeeded at (your job, kids, decorating skills - anything!). Every little victory counts! Repeat your self-congratulation exercise regularly and you'll start thinking of yourself as a lot less useless.



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