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It's Throwback Thursday! 20 of The Best, Dangerous, and Most WTF Toys From Our Childhood

Carla Cain Walther
by Carla Cain Walther Published on April 17, 2014

It's #ThrowbackThursday! Let's a take trip down memory lane and bring ya'll back to the days when getting new toys and keeping up with fads were the only things that mattered in our lives. Sometimes the plastic toymarkers blessed us with something pretty cool. Other times...not so much.

1. Tamagotchis

The sorry life of a Tamagotchi pet: Play. Poop. Eat. Sleep. Die (because you didn't clean up his doggy doo). Repeat.

Some of us might've been negligent Tamagotchi owners, but the handheld gadgets were so addictive that teachers had to start confiscating them at the beginning of class.

2. Cabbage Patch Dolls

These strange-looking dolls were in constant need of a hug or a soul to steal in the middle of the night, which is why you discreetly gave your collection away to your little cousin and slept more soundly from that point on.

3. Play-doh

Otherwise known as, "Uh Oh, Mom...I made a mess on the expensive, imported oriental rug."

4. Guess Who

Unsurprisingly, Guess Who can easily transition from a fun way to pass the time as a kid to a very effective drinking game as an adult.

5. Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Robots

Somehow playing this game ALWAYS ended with you actually beating up on your younger sibling for using both his hands to get KOs!

6. Toy Pianos

Back when your parents still held on to the desperate belief that you'd be the next Nat King Cole.

7. Beanie Babies

The debut of the newest beanie baby was an actual event amongst your friends. You would have done anything (and we mean anything) to be first in line at KB Toys to get the limited release beanie. By the time the craze ended, you had hundreds...and now they're worth zip.

8. Paper football

Soooo many after school detentions were had for trying to inconspicuously play this game in class.

9. Slap Bracelets

These toys were so pointless. "Why can't I stop slapping this against my wrist? WHY, DAMNIT!!"

And then you remembered that it was the perfect way to annoy your older sibling.

10. Pick up Sticks

This simple game was fun until you realized that you could poke people with the pointy end of the stick...and that made for GREATER fun.

11. Plastic Balloons

We begged our parents to buy us these things because the balloons were pretty cool looking! And we also unknowingly enjoyed the slight buzz off the noxious fumes from the acetone required to make these balloons.

12. Socker Boppers


If you gave your bro a black eye from Socker Boppers, you didn't get into trouble with your parents because it was just an "accident." You didn't really mean to sock him. You swear!

13. Water Snakes

When you were allowed to get JUST ONE THING at the toy store with your parents and you chose the pointless water snake, even they questioned how happy you'd be taking the dumb thing home.

14. Hot Wheels tracks

It took hours to set this thing up...and then five minutes to find out that hot wheel cars constantly fall off the track, no matter how well you connected the pieces.

15. Harry Potter books

When you got the next Harry Potter book, the world stopped spinning, all responsibility was suspended, and you could suddenly live without food and drink for a full day (because it only took that long to finish it).

16. Sit & Spin

More like sit and throw up all over yourself.

17. Polly Pocket

Who cares if these were dangerous choking hazards? All that teensy weensy furniture was so cute!

18. Pogs

Another pointless toy that had a huge following! What the hell were you supposed to do with your pogs besides endlessly trade them with your friends?

19. Pokemon Cards

You pretended you knew how to play this at recess so that cute ginger would pay attention to you...but then your scheme backfired when you made a totally stupid move ("PIKACHU CAN'T BEAT MEW-TU, GOSH!!") and they discovered that you were a fraud...and then you weren't allowed to play with them anymore.

20. Nintendo 64


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by Carla Cain Walther

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