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Risk, Parker

Risk, Parker

The rules
Risk is a game of war that mixes luck with strategy. The board is a map of the world, and the 2-6 players each have countries they put their armies on. The idea is simple: conquer the world, exterminate the blue army, invade three continents and complete your secret mission. It's a dice game of luck that nonetheless requires a lot of thought.  

Who's it for?
Risk is a war game, but it's not just for boys - you don't have to be in love with fighting and weapons to play. The rules are simple and it's easy to pick up. All you need are a few tactics and the will to conquer!  

Who with?
If you're spending time with the family this summer, why not suggest a game of Risk between siblings? It's a great way of settling family disputes in a non-violent way!  


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