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Strategic player, logical, clever

Strategic player, logical, clever

About you
You're a clever tactician and you like putting those little gray cells to use. You're not one for silly fun: you like putting your mind to work when you play games. You're very logical: you don't trust to luck, you use logic and strategy to help you win. When you were little you excelled at maths at school. You enjoy the buzz you get from working something out with your brain, and you love solving problems, riddles, codes and mysteries.

Your playing style
You love any kind of stragetic game. You're a fan of classics like chess, where you can work out a plan of attack to outwit your opponent. Mastermind appeals to your methodical side because it's the game of logic par excellence, and Sudoku also appeals because you're good with numbers. If there has to be a bit of luck involved, Risk is ideal for you because it's still very stategic and requires a lot of throught. And why not give poker a try? It's very in right now, and Texas Hold'Em poker is less about luck than strategy, which is bound to appeal to you!

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