What sort of social networker are you?

Up-to-the-minute networker

Up-to-the-minute networker
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Your profile
You're intrigued by anything new and you're always curious about new trends. You like to stay ahead of the pack. Skinny jeans, oversize jeans, purple clothing, dubstep... you don't miss a trick! But however on trend you are, you also flit from one thing to another. You go mad for new crazes, but as soon as something better comes out you forget about outdated trends at the drop of a hat.  

Your web ways
No stress, just fun. You love meeting new people, and the Internet is your favorite way of networking. You build up a circle of friends, even if you never hardly see them in real life! In love, you're not ready to settle down yet and you're happy to play the field for a bit.

Sites to try
www.facebook.com. No doubt you've been on FB for years. Have you joined  wewomen on facebook yet?!
- If you're after exclusivity and confidentiality, try www.asmallworld.net. It's a community reserved for the elite, a sort of Facebook for the rich and famous. You can only become a member by invitation from an existing member.
- To meet like-minded people, go to www.experienceproject.com. Who knows, you might even find your soulmate on there!

Not forgetting MyWorld, our very own wewomen social network, where you can create your own personal web page, blogs, photo albums, videos, and build your circle of friends!



Profiles: Up-to-the-minute networker
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