What's your relationship with your body?

Unhappy in your skin profile - beauty quiz


 - Unhappy in your skin profile - beauty quiz

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You neglect your body and punish yourself with self loathing. You lack confidence and motivation because you think you've got so far to go.

But give yourself a break. Remember that your body does a lot for you every day and it deserves to be treated with a little love.

Whether you show that love through swapping your crisps with a piece of fruit, or walking to work instead of taking the bus, once you make a few little changes you could find it makes a big difference in the way that you feel about yourself, and your body too.

Your beauty/body rituals:

You don't have a daily beauty routine, but when you do treat yourself you go the whole way - face mask, hair mask and regular manicures. 

There's a gym down the road but you haven't joined it yet because you feel intimidated. Dare yourself to get out of your comfort zone.

You love sweet treats and large portions. You know you should eat more fruit and veg, so we don't need to tell you. Making a change starts with you and deep down you know you're ready for a new lease of life!

Your body will love you for it!

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