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Profile: you sulk in silence


 - Profile: you sulk in silence

Your arguments
When you and your partner disagree over something, you both clam up. This is conveyed in behavior such as sulking, sleeping at the edge of the bed, not saying a single word for the rest of the evening/week/month, in other words until one of you is ready to make a move.

The problem
If you're both very stubborn, your sulking could last a long time! More importantly, keeping everything to yourself is never a good idea, especially within a relationship.

This childish attitude can become tiring in the long term, as our psychologist Yvon Dallaire explains: "Sulking and refusing to talk is a very bad way of trying to gain power over your partner".

What's more, this type of "game" can quickly become a ritual so the slightest sneer and you turn your back and don't say a word all night.

Make an effort
"Both of you need to ask yourselves where this need to sulk comes from: is it a fear of hurting someone or a tactic to get your partner to beg?" says Yvon Dallaire. Why not root out the evil once and for all, move on and forget about the disagreement  Sulking not only punishes your partner but it punishes you as well... what a waste!

Expert's advice
"You always have a choice in a relationship: to be happy or to try and be constantly right. It's up to you to decide".

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Profiles: You sulk in silence
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