Quiz: what's your argument style?

Profile: you over-analyse


 - Profile: you over-analyze

Your arguments
It's rare for you and your partner to argue but when you do, it's a full-blown affair. The slightest little disagreement leads you to put everything into question and organize an emergency "communications crisis" since you think arguments raise a deeper problem that you'll want to put right.

There's no shouting or crying, just the realization that something isn't right and that it must be resolved whatever the cost. In this instance, you could be accused of talking things over... a bit too much. Dawson's Creek style.

The problem
Unless you happen to be a relationship specialist, you'll never manage to resolve everything that stands in your way! Psychologist Yvon Dallaire explains why: "the majority of relationship problems (money, children's upbringing, in-laws, household chores, private versus professional life, and sexuality) are unsolvable."

Yes, afraid so! By virtue of your sexual and cultural differences, it's perfectly normal not to be constantly in tune with your partner.

Make an effort
Stop performing an in-depth analysis of every little disagreement. Instead, back off and learn to live with your differences. "Simply realizing and accepting that there is a difference between the pair of you can resolve the problem sometimes." You'll save yourself time and energy!

Expert's advice
"’The ideal thing would be to agree to disagree. It's not necessarily essential to reach a consensus, the important thng is to be happy beyond your differences and disagreements."



Profiles: You attempt to analyse everything
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