Are you looking after Number One?

You're neglecting Number One


 - You're neglecting Number One
Ever heard of 'me' time? Didn't think so! You don't seem to understand the concept of doing things for yourself. Unless you happen to be a particularly strict nun, why deprive yourself?

You allow yourself the occasional treat, but not nearly often enough! Your problem is that you think about pleasing others before you think about what you want.

Treating yourself
You busy yourself doing things for and with other people. You'll do anything as long as it keeps the others happy.

It's become such a habit for you that you always look after your friends and your other half, and you forget yourself in the process.

You struggle to say no when you should do and you often end up forced into doing things you don't want to do because of it. Look back in time: didn't you use to enjoy all the simple pleasures in life once?!

Advice for you
- Stop sacrificing yourself for others. You're not on 24-hour call!

- Try and make things work both ways for you and those around you. Make them think about what you want for a change! 



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