Are you looking after Number One?

You look after Number One


 - You look after Number One
You know how to look after Number One all right. You need your little treats and pleasures and they're an important part of your physcial and mental well-being. You've got the balance between what you have to do in life and what you choose to do spot on.

Treating yourself
If you fancy doing something or buying something you go for it - even if you can't have it or can't achieve what you wanted, thinking about it and trying does you good.

Anything from getting a massage to sitting down with a good book or going out for a drink: you'll do it. If you're honest with yourself, you prefer giving yourself little treats and pleasures on a daily basis than having one big splurge once a month.

You're independent, you know yourself well and you know when you need your Me time. You always take a break when you need to, and you make time in your schedule to do what you want to do.

Advice for you
- Don't always do things on your own - a bike ride or a spa session with friends can be much more fun when there's more than one of you. Mix it up a bit!

- Take care not to pass for selfish. People around you might find it easy to label you selfish, but you know that's not the case: taking care of yourself shows an open attitude and it doesn't make you self-centered!



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