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© Matt Damon stars in Hereafter
© Matt Damon stars in Hereafter
For some, an OBE brought on by a near death experience can leave a lasting impression and a sense of knowing what it is to die. Chevalier believes it can also open a door to “other realms” or the spirit world.

‘I learned that the three dimensional world is actually a microscopic part of what’s real.’ She says,

‘In my first near death experience I was basically killed by a motorcycle and catapulted out of my body. I can remember the impact and the extreme pain.

'There was a momentary smell of rubber and I could see my body broken and covered in blood. I could hear everything really acutely. I got glimpses of bright flashes of light, I could see spirits.’

Chevalier recuperated slowly but she was terrorized by visions and messages, a phenomenon she calls ‘psychic post’. A sudden message would spring into her brain - these would often be horrifying premonitions that had nothing to do with her: an acquaintance losing a baby, a world event for example.

These visions would come to pass leaving a young Chevalier further traumatized. Differing the voices in her head from her own imagination she says:

‘Most of us have an internal dialogue going on through our heads each day and it’s in our own voice. “Psychic post” is like suddenly hearing someone telling you something. It’s someone else’s voice.’

At nine she was hit by a car and that ‘sealed the deal’. From then on Chevalier says she was ‘fully opened up to hearing beings and getting messages’.

This experience is echoed in the character of George Lonegan (pictured, played by Matt Damon) in Clint Eastwood’s film “Hereafter”.

The film looks at what happens after death by following characters that have all been touched by death. Like Chevalier, the character George suffered a near death experience as a child and can now talk to the spirit world.

The film’s female lead is Maire, a French journalist who has a NDE when she’s caught in a Tsunami. Her experience prompts her to abandon her skeptical stance and research what happens after death and why science can’t offer us the answers.

Hereafter isn’t a commentary on Clint Eastwood’s own beliefs. Despite suffering from two near misses himself, he told The Express he did not share the experiences of his characters:

‘I didn't see any visions such as a silver light and relatives coming out of it to greet me, like we have in Hereafter.’ He said, adding, ‘...I'm not sure if there's life after death... I'm certainly in no rush to find out!’

Chevalier can sympathize with this. ‘[In the film Hereafter] George says, “it’s not a gift, it’s a curse” and I certainly felt that way in the beginning too. I know how to deal with it now.’

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