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Palmistry - reading of palms - Palmistry
Palmistry - reading of palms
Palmistry has been around since ancient Greek times.

It's the science which deals with the study of palm prints - these allow the palm reader to see the characteristics and foretell the future of a person.

Palmistry integrates lines on palm and the shape of the hand, texture, mounts and finger formation.

Everything about your hand adds to the story of your life.

If your career is down in the dumps, your love life is lack luster or you have recurring health issues, then Palmistry can offer you a glimpse of your future - are things going to improve or will you face new challenges?

The answer is in your hands.

Having your palm read by a professional allows you to foresee potential obstacles and highlights in your future so you can be better prepared.

Naturally Palmistry isn't an exact science and a lot is down to interpretation but Palmistry can often produce uncanny results.

On SoFeminine we've got our own easy-to-use Palmistry tool that will get your started or you can check out our palm reading guide for more info on mounts, lines and hand shapes.

Palmistry on SoFeminine

Read your own palm on SoFeminine with our free Palmistry tool:

Want to know more about palmistry?

We look at what each element of Palmistry really means and how you can apply it yourself...


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