Friday the 13th superstitions: what do you believe?
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Friday the 13th around the world: different beliefs about Friday the 13th


 - Friday the 13th around the world: different beliefs about Friday the 13th
> Friday the 13th around the world
- Despite all the negative superstitions, Friday the 13th is a good day to play the lottery in France! Three times more people than usual buy a ticket on Friday the 13th when the organizers bump up the jackpot, making it bigger than normal (and pocketing themselves more ticket sales).

- In Spain and Latin America (Christian countries nonetheless), it's Tuesday the 13th that has negative connotations. Tuesday is the day for celebrating Mars, the god of war but also the planet associated with violence.

- In Italy, it's the number 17 that is deemed to bring bad luck because the anagram of the Roman numerals XVII produces VIXI, "I have lived" in Latin, which many interpret as "I'm dead".

- In China, 4 is the number to be wary of because its pronunciation is very similar to the word for "death". 

> The number 13 in numerology
There's no problem with 13 in numerology, quite the opposite!

13 represents change, renewal, the end of one thing and the beginning of another. It's neither fundamentally good nor bad, it simply announces a transformation of some sort in a person's life.


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