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Friday the 13th: origin of Friday the 13th


 - Friday the 13th: origin of Friday the 13th
> Friday the 13th... what does the maths say?
Ok, so we know that Friday the 13th is a special day but why? Mathematicians have calculated that the 13th of each month falls more often on a Friday than on any other day.

They have also been able to prove that every year has at least one Friday the 13th but no more than three.

> Friday the 13th superstitions
Maths calculations aren't enough on their own to make Friday the 13th so special. History also has a fair share of incredible legends!

- Among Christians, 13 is unlucky: for the last supper, Jesus invited 12 people (including Judas, who was the last and 13th person to arrive) and it was on a Friday that he was crucified.

- It spells bad luck in Norse mythology as well: while Odin, god of the gods, was enjoying a banquet with 11 friends, Loki (the mischievous god) invited himself to the party and engineered the death of Balder (the god of light).
Also, Friday was the day of celebrating the former goddess Freya, who later became a witch (this is where we get the word Friday from: Freya's Day)..

- Among the Greeks and Romans, 13 is also cursed: the number shatters the perfection of the number 12 (12 gods, 12 months, 12 constellations, etc). And Friday was the day when those condemned to death were executed (like Jesus).


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