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15 Crazy Coachella Looks That Bring Hipster To A Whole New Level

Carla Cain Walther
by Carla Cain Walther Published on April 22, 2014

Coachella is over! If you went, congratulations on surviving one of the biggest festivals we have in America. If you didn't, just take a look at these pictures and you'll realize you miiight have dodged a bullet...

Coachella is a great place for fashion inspiration; with a great mix of crazy costumes, psychedelic tie dye, cultural appropriation (*cough* headdresses *cough*) and barely-there bikini tops there's a trend for everyone to get on board with.

​But for some festival goers, Coachella is perhaps the only place to let their freak flags fly high and proud. Yeah...they really go for it.

We know it all makes sense in the dusty hipster haven that is Coachella Valley but there are still some cringe-worthy looks that we hope don't make it to the streets!

We kind of love these festival fairies, i.e. girls who dress up in sparkly, iridescent clothes and spread positive vibes and nudity to other festivalgoers!

Oh, look! We spotted a Basic Bitch of the male variety.

He just wants to let everyone knew he pumps that iron all day, every day.

Intense moshing comes with its risks - ripped clothes being one of them!

Warning: these outfits may cause light-headedness and hallucinations.

Remember that annoying guy from your high school computer class that you couldn't stand? Yeah, he went to Coachella this year.

"Breathing? Who cares! I'm in a green body suit!"

Even Pikachu needs some fun in the sun.

Why not pair a bikini top and hot pants with a huge fur shawl? What a great way to keep your body temperature regulated.

With the heat, dust storms, eardrum-killing music, and wasted people running around, maybe Coachella ain't the best place to bring a kid even if she has on dope headphones.

We wonder how many times someone asked if he could taste his rainbow.

Coachella: Where body suits aren't just for women anymore.

Just in case you were wondering, those twins were Made in America.

The Furry Convention is next month, dude.

Don't you dare try this again, Kendall.

Did you snap any photos of WTF outfits at Coachella? We want to see! Tweet us @wewomenUSA!

by Carla Cain Walther
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