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Ways to fight cellulite

Ways to fight cellulite

Cellulite needn't condemn you to a lifetime of big pants and sarongs! Heer are some easy ways of reducing the appearance of orange peel and even getting rid of it completely.  

When done correctly, massage increases the effects of slimming creams tenfold. The palper-rouler rolling massage technique, widely used by physios and beauty therapists, is best for dislodging fat reserves, draining and firming your skin. The way you apply an anti-cellulite product is just as important as the product itself!
To drain your fat cells, massage from the bottom upwards to stimulate cell exchange, activate your lymphatic system and speed up fat combustion. This will also make any firming cream you use much more effective. For real results you need to persevere and keep to a regular routine: massage is only effective if you do it every day!   

Take regular exercise to help reduce your fat reserves and combat stress (which is a cause of water retention, which in turn causes cellulite!). Swimming, step aeoribics, cycling, walking and, of course, running are all highly recommended, but as long as you stay active anything will help!   

Eat well
A healthy, balanced diet is your best ally in the battle against the dreaded orange peel. Try and avoid anything too rich, fatty or sugary and go for maximum fiber: fruit, veg and cereals. Go for lean protein (fish and white meat) over red meats in sauce.  

Make sure you're drinking enough of the right stuff: water, green tea and herbal tea. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day to drain your body and eliminate toxins.


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