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Laser, flash lamp and anti-blemish treatment. Removing age spots from the face and skin

Laser, flash lamp and anti-blemish treatment. Removing age spots from the face and skin

To make age spots disappear one by one, in just one session, the Q-Switched laser gets rid of them for 3 to 4 years. They reappear because they are only discolored, not removed. The laser blasts the excess melanin and stops the cells from producing it for a while. But the cells aren't actually destroyed and start to produce melanin again in around four years' time. You'll then need to have it done again. When we talk about age spots, we're not talking about extra cells but cells that produce an excess of melanin.

There's another technique, flash lamps, that also claims to remove skin blemishes, but it actually just reduces their appearance. They reappear 3 to 6 months later.

Anti-blemish skincare products are essential aids in the treatment of spots. They limit the risk of repigmentation/recoloration. Creams applied alongside laser treatment prevent cells from producing as much melanin.

Think about using a preventative cream in preparation for laser treatment, and continue using anti-blemish products after treatment.
Apply twice a day during sunny periods from March to September if your skin is prone to age spots.


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