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Need To Know Beach Hacks: How To Look Good In A Bikini

Lareese Craig
by Lareese Craig Published on July 23, 2014

It’s looking a lot like summer out there, which means the bikini countdown is officially on. Gulp. Freaking out? There’s no need. These hacks will have you beach ready in no time. An added perk? They come with an obligation to pamper yourself silly. Now that's not a bad thought! Here’s how to look good in a bikini on the fly.

Does the thought of getting into a bikini fill you with fear? Girl, you need these beach hacks in your life ASAP!

Fake Yourself Slimmer

A good fake tan is like the beauty equivalent of Spanx, it makes you look slimmer. A St. Tropez tan + a sexy two piece? That's a recipe for looking HOT right there.

Get Some Support

If you want to shrink your waist but have literally zero time left before that big reveal, just make sure your bikini has some strong support for your bust. Well supported boobs will make your waist look smaller, so hoist them up with an underwired bikini top and you'll instantly notice your slimmer shape.

Stand Tall

Sorting out your posture is key to making you look taller, slimmer, and leaner. So next time you get up to get an ice cream, stand up straight - your bikini body demands it.

Hot Dog Legs

To put the ‘hot’ in your hot dog legs, make sure hair removal is your number one priority. Lose the BiC razors for once and go for something more caring. Keep legs silky smooth by using shaving cream and a razor with a moisturizing strip. Don’t forget to slap on that moisturizer as well. Prepped gams - check.

Sit Tight

Sat on the beach and a group of hot guys caught your eye? Sit with your knees drawn in toward your chest. Your legs will look slimmer, your tummy will look smaller, and sitting up will mean you have a much better view of the boys. Just slip on those sunglasses knowing good and well you look bikinilicious.

Pick The Right Shoes

Bare feet are perfect for the beach. But if you're staying pool side and want to look your bikini best, try getting a pair of stacked sandals to saunter around in - your legs will look longer and your butt will get a boost, too. Win win.

Sarong Style

If you're particularly self conscious there's no reason why you can't team your bikini with a pretty sarong. Tie it around your waist to emphasize your hips and you'll have an hourglass effect in a jiffy. They hide a multitude of sins - praise be to the sarong!

Sink The Bloat

No one feels good in a bikini when they can’t see pass their food baby bump. It’s best to avoid any carb rich foods for a few days before slipping into your swimsuit.

Pasta, bagels, fizzy drinks – nope! Swap them for lean protein to avoid feeling sluggish and totally un-sexy. It'll be hard but totally worth it. If you wanna know which foods are best for a flat belly we've listed them here.


If you want to take the drama away from your thighs and tummy, jazz up that bikini with some bling. Whether it’s with your favorite lippy, a dozen midi rings, or a bold statement necklace, accessories are great for dressing up your beachwear and taking the focus off your fleshy body parts.

Just make sure you take off your jewels before you go for a swim, eh?

Tackle Body Acne

Sweat clogged pores can cause monster break outs all over your back, shoulders and chest, making those summer camis a distant dream. Use a body wash that contains salicylic acid such as the Murad Blemish Wash to penetrate deep into the pores and cleanse away bacteria.

Get Body Brushing

Give your skin the best foundation for sun lounging by brushing away all the dead skin cells. Work the dry body brush in gentle circular motions from the ankles up before you get in the shower. Follow with an exfoliating shower gel and a generous layer of coconut oil to nourish that brand new skin.

Oh, and did you know, body brushing has been known to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Unwanted dimples don’t stand a chance. Phew.

Bikini Blitz

If you wanna sunbathe in all kinds of positions getting a bikini wax is the way forward. Just make sure you get it at least three days before to allow some downtime.

Find Your Dream Suit

Bikini shopping is no easy task. But remember: you can get away with a whole lot more simply because you’re at the beach.

Ask yourself what you want to look like. Do you want to camouflage your tummy? Make your bust bigger? Accentuate your waist? Try on a variety of different styles and the one that leaves you contemplating a bikini selfie… that’s the one to bag.

Get Summer Abs FAST

Getting down and dropping 50 ab crunches on the day of your beach trip will make little difference (mega proportions of disappointment). But a short seven-minute burst of tummy toning activity for 30 consecutive days? Winning.

Try jumping jacks, wall squats, ab crunches, high knees and planks in the morning, and you’ll have earned yourself a cheeky mojito.

Work Your Angles

You don't have to opt for the standard hot dog Instagram post. Why not frolic in the waves or take the picture from slightly further up? Arch your back, twist your abs, and get your perfect legs in the shot. Basically do whatever Kim Kardashian does. Total beach babe.

And for those finishing touches? Remember these hacks!

Happy Feet

Whether you’re jetting off for the week or just having a day out at the seaside, there’s never been a better excuse to get your feet flip-flop ready.

Pretty sandals and cracked heels just don’t go together. So make sure you get yourself a salon appointment stat.

The best part? No one will judge you for rocking a palm tree print because… it’s sunny.

Shake The Sand

No one wants to jump in the sea any more than what's absolutely necessary. It disturbs precious tanning/reading/relaxing time right? Pack some baby powder in your beach bag and sprinkle it on every time you wanna feel smooth again. Nows the perfect time to take that sand-free selfie...

Get Sunkissed Highlights

Simply squeeze some lemon juice onto your lengths before sunbathing for natural beach-kissed highlights. Citrus ombre at your service.

Condition Your Tresses

Avoid dry, sun-damaged tresses and sea salt knots by using a leave in conditioner to lock in moisture. It’s like SPF for your locks.

Think Gorgeous

Remember that the bikini body reveal is only as stressful as you want it to be! Your body is already beautiful, so it's all about YOUR confidence. Work your curves, strut your stuff, and enjoy the feeling of having that holiday sun on your skin - winter will be here soon enough!

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