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Standing face to face, your chests are touching and legs are bent so that they are at the ideal height for penetration. Demonstration!

Which bits does it work on?
There aren't that many areas that get stimulated with this position. It doesn't allow for complete penetration and it requires a certain level of concentration to stay on your feet, which somewhat reduces your ability to completely let yourself go.

Who's it for?
Those who like to make love in the doorway or in the great outdoors (even if the ground's wet or covered in nettles.) It's for those who have a partner of about the same height. Otherwise, it becomes a bit perilous.... unless the shorter of the two has a stool or tree stump to stand on.

Standing up, the man holds his partner under her hips and lifts her while she clasps her legs around him. Penetration is better and the sensations are more sensational but it's a lot more tiring. Trying it with your back up against a wall is a lot easier and sexier.

Kirsty's thoughts: I used this position when I first started dating my husband. We had sex everywhere. Thesedays, I admit that I prefer a bit more comfort, and I especially like to spend a lot of time on foreplay. I find that having sex standing is like going back to those days when we were young lovers and we couldn't bear the wait: we had to have it there and then.

Latest… 02/09/2014
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