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Third Trimester


The Final Stretch: Everything You Need to Know About the 7th Month of Pregnancy

During the 7th month of pregnancy, or the beginning of a woman's third trimester, every mother-to-be is just ready to welcome her baby into the world. Yet before being able to...


20 Cute Ideas For The Ultimate Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower is the ultimate excuse to come up with some of the cutest creative ideas. From cookies to cake pops, decorations and games, no baby shower would be complete...


Real-life labor: Unique birth stories

See what these moms have to say about why birthing isn't as bad as you think.


Traveling while pregnant

Unless you have a high-risk pregnancy there's no reason why vacations out of the question, but bear in mind the restrictions your condition imposes on your travels when you go abroad...


Pregnancy yoga benefits and exercise tips

Find out the benefits of pregnancy yoga as well as the expert's top 5 exercises to do whilst pregnant!


The do's and don'ts of pregnancy made easy

We all know how to get pregnant but what do when you actually are with-child can be quite tricky to work out on your own. We got the experts to help.


How to combat tiredness in pregnancy

It's no surprise that during your pregnancy you might be feeling pretty worn out! So if you're feeling the fatigue here's some advice to get those energy levels up again...


Diet during pregnancy: Foods to avoid and healthy eating

Want to know what you should and shouldn't eat when you're pregnant? We found out.


Pregnancy massage and aromatherapy

Pregnancy massage can be used in the last few weeks of pregnancy to aid relaxation, and bring relief to tense muscles and aching backs. It should only be carried out by a qualified...


Osteopathy Pregnancy

Osteopathy is an alternative medicine which aims to treat the person as a whole, taking into account body, mind and spirit. It recognizes the bodies ability to heal itself and...


The eighth month of pregnancy

You’re on the home straight! At this stage, baby is gradually preparing for his or her entry into the big wide world. The last trimester is full of events…


Your pregnancy kit for mother and baby

To ease yourself into motherhood, prepare everything you'll need for yourself and your baby a month before you're due to give birth.