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Why women choose to surrogate


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Why choose surrogacy? Why become a surrogate mother? Surrogacy can be an amazing journey and very rewarding for all, not just the intended parents. 

But it is emotionally and physically demanding and it is helpful to have support from friends and family and for a surrogate to have at least one child already.  Organizations should ensure all parties understand what is involved and clinics will ask you to attend a counseling session.
Once the baby arrives the law again needs to be followed.

The birth (surrogate) mother is the legal mother and her husband the legal father; therefore they need to register the birth.

After 6 weeks the intended parents can apply for a Parental Order to obtain their parental full rights, but of course you are allowed to take your baby home before then! 
As of April 2010, unmarried couples or those in a same sex relationship can apply for a Parental Order, and therefore can use surrogacy, but unfortunately single people are still excluded.

If you would like to help someone, or need help via surrogacy, contacting a group is a good place to start.  They have lots of information and can answer your questions. There are several UK organizations that can help you find out more. Our case study, Michelle, went through A Little Wish (surrogacy). 



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