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Exercise 5 - Leaning L shape
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Exercise 5 - Leaning L shape

If this feels anything as good as it sounds then we think we’ll be doing this stretch baby or no baby.

Tara says: “The L shape against a wall exercise helps to lengthen the spine, taking the pressure of your baby off your back at the same time as being really good for stretching the backs of the legs. For anyone with backache this exercise is amazing, especially if you’re working at your desk!”

How to:
Come to a wall and bring your hands shoulder width apart against it.

Move your hands down and your feet back until your body and legs make an L shape. 
Press back through the hips and heels and press into the hands.

Do this whenever you feel like you need a stretch at home or at work – hold for 30 to 60 seconds or as long as you feel comfortable.

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