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Pregnancy yoga benefits and exercise tips
How often should you exercise?
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How often should you exercise?

The thing that you need to realize when you’re pregnant is that your body will not be able to cope with as much exercise as it did before you conceived.

However Tara says that the reality is that you can exercise as much as you want as long as you listen to your body, if something feels wrong then come out of the position.

“You should exercise as often as you want as long as it is in moderation. There really aren't any negatives to exercising while pregnant as long as you are listening to your body and not overdoing it. Just make sure you choose the right sort of exercise and adapt your routine according to your stage of pregnancy and how you feel.

The exercises that Tara outlines next are the simple, safe exercises that you should be able to do in any stage of your pregnancy. However she always advises that you check with your doctor if you have any concerns.

One thing that you should note with pregnancy yoga is not to push yourself to stretch too much. “You must be careful not to overstretch while pregnant as there are hormones, which soften the ligaments in preparation for birth,” says Tara.

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