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Where to go on holiday when you're pregnant


Heer are a few keywords to bear in mind: comfort, rest, safety and hygiene...so if you're of the adventurous type, you can forget about trakking through the Amazon rainforest or overlanding through the Sahara in a 4 x 4.

Heading abroad: Don't go anywhere with a big time difference: it's advisable not to travel further than 4 time zones away. Go somewhere with good levels of hygiene, and remember that you can't have some vaccinations when you're pregnant.

- See your doctor before you travel to check you're fit.
- Wear loose-fitting clothes that narrow at the ankles and wrists, and don't walk barefoot.
- Avoid mosquitoes.
- Avoid bathing in natural, fresh water, and take regular showers.
- Drink lots of bottled water and only eat food that's thoroughly cooked.

The benefits of nature:

Sea: Water has multilple benefits for pregnant women. The only precautions to take are with cold water and deep water, which can cause contractions. And watch out for rough waves that lead to detachment of the placenta. Surfing, sailing, water skiing, snorkeling and going out in inflatable dinghies are naturally all out of the question.

Mountains: A location that combines sunshine with fresh air. Make the most of being out in the open, go on gentle rambles, swim in the makes or take up yoga. Don't climb anywhere too high: pregnant women are more sensitive to altitude. Physical exertion above 6500 feet (2000 meters) altitude is out of the question: your baby's oxygen supply will suffer. And it goes without saying that you shouldn't do activities such as climbing, paragliding, rafting, caving or horse riding.


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