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1. Give the name a linguistic lashing. Anticipate nicknames and ensure that the initials don't mix unfavorably with your surname. It may seem elementary, but the world is filled with R Soles.

2. How does the name sound with your surname? A name that ends in the sound with which your surname starts could be a tongue twister. Also, if you've an unusual surname, a traditional forename can work well and vice versa. Similarly, long forenames work well with short surnames and the reverse. 

3. If you're torn between names, look at the meanings. Discovering that one name means beautiful meadow and the other Slavic shot putter will probably sway you.

4. Pick a name that's suitable for an adult. Daisy Boo is cute on a baby, but could be a hindrance in the boardroom.

5. Name your child after someone you love. Try getting creative like Katie and Peter who named Princess Tiaamii after her grandmothers Thea and Amy.

6. What sounds are you drawn to? If, for example, you like the sound 'ch', start with that and find a name from there.

7. Consider the names of your other children if you have them. It's not fair to call your baby Audio Eight if his brothers are Andrew and Anthony.

The most important thing is that you adore the name you choose. Don't let anybody tell you what to call your child, or select a name just to make a statement.

We love the people we love for who they are, and not for their names. As long as the name you decide on is given with all your love, it'll be perfect for your little bundle.

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