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From a relationships point of view there does seem to be good news for our single mummys.

A study by online matchmaking portal eDarling suggests that across Europe, men seem to have become much more comfortable in dating single mothers.

An average of 60-75 per cent indicated in the initial online questionnaire that they would accept a partner with a child.

Only in Poland, men tend to be more reluctant to date a single mother.

The older the men are, the bigger their readiness, especially within the group of 40-49 year-olds.

Among the 60 plus', the enthusiasm wanes again. In France, men in their 40s seem most comfortable with the idea of dating a mother with a child: more than 90 per cent said they'd be up for it.. 

That's certainly Marie-Pierre's experience. Her new partner has now settled in with her small family in Paris.

Finding a new partner: Easier than ever before

Wiebke Nebrich, psychologist and relationship expert agrees. She believes that today more than ever, single parents have a good chance of finding love again.

"More and more couples decide not to get married and while that doesn't mean they are not as committed to each other, separation is much more likely and simpler for them.

"In consequence, today the single market is always refueled with people coming out of relationships - even long term relationships and marriages.

"It is not as hard as it used to be to find a new partner today, even if you're in your forties or fifties or if you if you bring up children on your own."

But despite the good news on the "market", many or our single women feel strongly opposed to the idea of ever finding a new partner again - in fact, most of the time following a nasty separation and the struggle of coping alone, they've become disillusioned with the whole concept:

“I won't find someone to help me raise my daughter, because she grows up with me, her grandparents, her aunts and uncles. I don't have time to have a man around to help me." Claudia in Italy says.

Marlene from Austria agrees:  "My daughter and I are almost like a couple now. We're very close, we spend lots of time and in many nights she sleeps in my bed. A man would be just disturbing."

And dating as a single parent can prove difficult. "I went through a stage of going out with my friends to find a man but it was useless. Men who go to nightclubs don't want a mother with a child. I still have crazy nights out only with the girls. But I stopped looking for Mr. Right." Sophie from Liverpool tells us.

Nyary from Spain hasn’t given up yet. She's signed up to an online match-making site. "Of course I know that with time, I will meet someone that I love and who loves me and my children and who wants to take care of us. But I stopped believing in fairy tales.

"I want to tell all women in my situation not to surrender, not to give up. We can do it!"
Milly from London agrees. She found love again after her partner cheated on her.

"I met my new man at a friend's birthday party. Early on he told me that my three kids were a part of me, so they must be wonderful too. I'd seen being a mother as a hindrence to my love life but the right man will make you remember how blessed you are!"


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