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Single parents

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Sandra Bullock, Pre-Brad Angelina Jolie, Sharon Stone - and now apparently Eva Longoria:  They've all been cheated on, left behind, or neglected by their partners - but instead of dedicating themselves to self-pity they choose motherhood.

Single motherhood.

For decades, we've been told single parenting  can't possibly be fun. While the reality isn't always a barrel of laughs these single Hollywood beauties give it a touch of glamour and make it look easy.

We're supposed to turn a blind eye to the team of nannies and baby-sitters they can afford to employ round the clock.

Throughout Europe, some 90 per cent of single parents are women. With an almost 50 per cent divorce rate and fewer couples getting married in first place, single parents constitute a new model of a "normal" family.

Plus, in many countries, single people now have the right to adopt or receive assisted conception.'s single mums: A little bit of Hollywood?

So what is life really like for a single mum when you don't have a billlion-dollar acting contract secured and a whole battaillon of support behind you?

Our single mums at and its sister sites across the continent tell us about how they're doing:

Time is always as tight as is money. But overall, single mothers today are coping, some of them very well. Some even believe that being a single parent is actually the best way they can be a parent.

Single mum we spoke to say that the reality of being a single parent is much more than just the logistics of looking after children. It is about being on your own - and about being single.

Single mothers from different countries, different circumstances and in different situations tell us how their day-to-day challenges are really just the same...

From Warsaw to Madrid: How do you cope if you’re alone?

From Brussels to Vienna: Money matters

From London to Berlin: Work - and no life balance?

From  Porto Domingo to Edinburgh: Flexible careers

From Milan to Paris: Love, sex & dating



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