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Another aspect of ‘The Magic of Believing’ is to realize that we are all beautiful, powerful beings who deserve to have inner belief and confidence that we are perfect just as we are.  Often we listen to others about what we should be doing or thinking, sometimes to the point that we want to be like other people.

Stop – because we are all unique. This often means that you aren’t living the life as the authentic person you want to be and so an inner conflict or struggle starts to take place.  We begin to loose faith in ourselves.

We all have our own goals and aspirations and you change as you grow, get your own ideas and beliefs so your core conditioning may need to be changed if these don’t resonate with you any more. 

This can be hard as sometimes people close to us criticize us  and expect our values to be the same as theirs. Sometimes they are not. But this is your life – not theirs.   When you break away from the crowd amazing things will start to happen.

Start doing the things you love in life and this will make you feel special. It’s not selfish as some people suggest.  When others see you really truly happy within yourself synchronicity will start to happen and suddenly your life will change. You become infectious.

Allowing yourself to feel like this is truly liberating and miracles can and do happen especially if you believe they will.  Belief has a powerful and life changing energy.

Change your mind-set and you change your life. Believe in yourself and others will believe in you too.  You are unique and on your own special journey. There is not one other person anywhere in the world the same as you – just think about that for a minute as that’s a powerful truth!

Start believing in yourself and magic will happen.

Sheila Steptoe has written two inspirational self help books. Before I get old  and Master your own destiny which details the tools and techniques needed to change your approach to life.

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